Shut Up, Little Man!



The following are examples of obsessive and beloved fans who felt compelled to write or e-mail the liquored up moderator at Shut Up Little Man central. You too can write us via the contact page.

Dear Mr. Eddie Lee Sausage --

Several months ago you were kind enough to send along an order form featuring Raymond and Peter stuff to my old address in Baltimore. Well, since that time I've moved to Brooklyn and promptly lost the order form. I do, however recall that you had mention an upcoming R n' P 7" and a CD of an epic all night battle. Could please send along price info. Finally, if you recall from my first letter: I too am a former resident and survivor of the Lower Haight. My wife and I decided to leave Baltimore because there was too much parking and we were being panhandled much too infrequently. We feel better now.

Rex Doane

Brooklyn, NY

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