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I am looking into both of those stories to see what's going on there (the film project done for the love of it, and Louis Gossett Jr.'s New Obsession). When I can substantiate either absolutely, I will send details. I have actually been hunting for info, but these people are brutal, nomadic.. they disappear when you look for them.
In the meantime I wish to quote from the English humorist Saki (H.H. Munro), who clearly would have had an understanding of the SULM phenomenon had he lived in this time. I think he got reincarnated as Hunter S. Thompson, actually.

This is from "The Peace of Mowsle Barton" in "The Penguin Complete Saki" (Penguin Books 1982). Attend this slug of description concerning two bitter old women:

"There was something alike terrifying and piteous in the spectacle of these frail old morsels of humanity consecrating their last flickering energies to the task of making each other wretched. Hatred seemed to be the one faculty which had survived in undiminished vigor and intensity where all else was falling into ordered and symmetrical decay. And the uneasy part of it was that some horrid unwholesome power seemed to be distilled from their spite and their cursings."

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