Shut Up, Little Man!

Original CD liner notes : Some Notes Toward a History of Shut Up, Little Man!

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Original CD liner notes — by Eddie Lee Sausage

pete and ray apt 3
Pete & Ray: apt. 3

The first crudely recorded “session” featured a monologue by Ray muttering to himself about his desire to kill. There was something so nakedly sinister about the recording that we were shocked, mystified. At the same time, it instilled in us a hunger for more. We invested in the technology for crisper recordings (we bought a cheap microphone from Radio Shack) and fell into our own obsessive routine of taping. Eventually, our desire for capturing fresh dialogue led us to employ phone prank tactics (listen to “I Was a Mean Muthafucka in Ma Time” and “Nova Express Survey on Alcoholism”). The material that we successfully taped was deliciously dark and incredibly infectious. Day in, Day out, we rehearsed Raymond and Peter’s dialogues; their phraseology and curious logic became our own. After several months of taping, we became Peter and Ray (though we certainly don’t condone gay-bashing or senseless murder).

Our recording was not as secretive as one might suspect. Several times during their extended shouting matches we placed a speaker on the walkway outside their door and subjected them to the tyranny of their own taped voices. At some point in the process, we recorded Peter saying, “The neighbors are taping us again,” to which Ray responded, “Good. Hey, next door! I want to tell the whole world that Peter ain’t nothing but a lyin’, thievin’, piece of shit.” [Well, Ray, these recordings are your chance!] Clearly invasion of privacy is an issue here, but as our friend Seymour Glass once said, “You have to wonder how much right to privacy a person who’s screaming at the top of his lungs expects.”

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