Shut Up, Little Man!

“Giggle All You Want To!” : Some Notes Toward a History of Shut Up, Little Man!

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“Giggle All You Want To!” — WRIF and the Pressing Plant Revolt

The legendary Drew and Mike from the self-named “Drew and Mike” morning radio show on WRIF in Detroit Rock City became really big fans of Shut Up Little Man in 1998. Drew and Mike didn't treat the gospel of Peter and Raymond like some ephemeral piece of silly trivia or a Good Morning America “wacky-story-of-the-day,” Drew and Mike heard Peter and Raymond, and they SAW THE LIGHT, brothers and sisters. They were converted and became frothing fanatics, just like me and you. They ate Peter and Raymond for breakfast. And, because Drew and Mike have a very large and loyal following for their morning show, they shared that breakfast with hundreds of thousands of saggy-eyed commuters almost every single weekday.

Someone had brought Peter and Raymond’s rants to Drew and Mike’s attention, and so they wrote to me, asking for a free promo copy of the CD. I replied with the following letter:

Dear Mike and Drew:

Greetings, fellow pieces of shit! Enclosed is a Shut Up Little Man CD for your listening displeasure and the brand new Shut Up Little Man Comic Book fresh and stinking off the presses. I hope that your radio show is distasteful enough to find some use for the audio misadventures of Peter and Raymond. I also enclosed a few pieces of news print on the phenomenon.

I appreciate your interest in Shut Up Little Man. Any exposure on the air would be great. From what seems evident from the other morning shows that have been playing the CD the last few months: if you do air any clips, because the material is so charged, you will be receiving phone calls. To preempt the usual mayhem about where to go to buy the CD, you should let people know to go to Google and type in "Shut Up Little Man".

If you want to interview me, you can call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I live in Seattle -- when I am not in jail or hanging naked from chandeliers -- so please be thoughtful and not call me at 4:30 AM Pacific Standard Time like some other inconsiderate sons-of-bitches have.

Anyway, enough bullshit.
Your pal,
The skinny cocksucker next door (as Ray used to call me), Eddie Lee Sausage
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