Shut Up, Little Man!

“Giggle All You Want To!” : Some Notes Toward a History of Shut Up, Little Man!

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“Giggle All You Want To!” — WRIF and the Pressing Plant Revolt

So, when Drew and Mike began to play Shut Up Little Man snippets on their popular drive-time radio show, their fans became Shut Up Little Man fans. The gospel spread. Of course, the daily dose of radio Pete and Ray happened about 10 days after we had sold out of inventory of SULM CDs. So, one morning I awakened to find that in a single day over 100 people had ordered Shut Up Little Man CDs from the Detroit area alone, and I had none to send. I called up the CD duplication company and placed an order for another pressing. The CD duplicator said that it would take no more than 3 weeks. Even though shipping the CDs only usually takes 1 week, I have always placed a disclaimer on any Shut Up Little Man advertising and the website to “please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery,” just to be on the safe side. So, in this case, I thought I was covered. A few weeks later, right about the time I was expecting the finished product to arrive on my doorstep, I received a phone call from a rather sheepish and embarrassed sounding representative from the CD duplication company. “Mr. Sausage?” the rep began: “Uh, I am very sorry to report this to you, but we can’t reproduce the Little Man CD for you.” I said: “Excuse me? I have been waiting for weeks already. I thought the CDs would be here any day now!” The rep continued: “Well, it seems that there was a lot of controversy at the pressing plant about the content of Shut Up Little Man. In fact, there was an uprising. You see, our pressing plant is deep in the Bible belt, and after someone at the plant listened to the savage cursing and all the talk about 'queers' on the Shut Up Little Man, the word got around, and well, the fundamentalist Christian machinists are refusing to press or package your CD.” I was speechless, a little bemused, and also very concerned about keeping the good fans of Detroit their goods. I blurted out: “What? Are you kidding me?” The rep continued: “I am not kidding, and I am really sorry. I can tell you that Raymond has at least one fan at the record plant.” I asked: “How's that?” The CD duplicator replied: “One of the workers told me personally that he agreed with the feller that wanted to kill all the queers.”

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