Shut Up, Little Man!

“You Try, You Try” : Some Notes Toward a History of Shut Up, Little Man!

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“You Try, You Try” — The Complete Recordings on CD

Then, one day, a co-worker, dear friend, and one of the most beautiful dudes that ever graced this planet, Nathan Conant, and I were talking. He was finishing up with an Audio Engineering program. He told me that when he was a youngster he and a friend were reading about Shut Up Little Man in Spin magazine and they thought that it was such a cool idea - this surreptitious taping of two raving alcoholics! So, he eagerly agreed to pick up where Steve Monaco had left off and work the thing to its conclusion. Our old pal, Rich McMurry, graciously drew up a series of excellent illustrations of Peter and Raymond for all seven volumes. And, despite a crushing volume of work in his graphic design and illustration workload, Rich endured a barrage of my corrections and refinements on the design and layout. So, in February 2008 came the release of The Complete Recordings of Shut Up Little Man. Here are the liner notes:

Hey there Peter and Raymond fans, dirty little men and women, alcoholic lunatic fringe, and feverish eaters of corned beef hash! Here, at long last are the much-requested Complete Recordings of Shut Up Little Man(TM) on CD in seven volumes. It has been a long and treacherous road. Along the way we have lost audio engineers and assistants to threatened divorce, actual divorce, job loss, litigation, nervous breakdowns, alcoholic blackouts, outright madness, and in one case a sudden unexpected disappearance. But, devoted as we are to keeping you - the loyal obsessive fan - happy, we soldiered on until the seven volumes of Complete Recordings were done and done right. It took years. You will now have access to every minute that we recorded of Peter and Raymond - every charged insult, fueled fistfight, police visitation, and false giggle.
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