Shut Up, Little Man!

Some Notes Toward a History of Shut Up, Little Man!

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“Do It or Don't” — The Shut Up Little Man movie, take two

In the meantime, I moved to Hong Kong to work on a book I was writing on popular resistance and transgression in urban spaces. I received the latest copy of The New Yorker, which featured an illustration and a small capsule review of Gibbs’ play, now running in New York City. Then, came a phone call from Mitchell informing me that the film folk wanted us to meet for another conference with the new screen-writer, Larry Gross. So, two days later, I found myself seated at a very well known restaurant in Beverly Hills alongside screenwriter Larry Gross (who wrote 48 Hours amongst many other films), my former roommate Mitchell, and the representatives of our Film Development Company. (For further details see related story “From South of Market to Hollywood”.) At the adjacent table was Johnny Depp seated alongside the developers, writers, and directors of the Jerky Boy movie. There was a weird rivalry, which I never understood, between the Shut Up Little Man developers and the Jerky Boy developers. Larry Gross was a great guy and he had some very good ideas, but for some reason the development people didn’t like his script. Then, as reported in a March 1994 profile in the Hollywood rag Premiere, Michael Stipe stated that he was considering as his directorial debut the Shut Up Little Man movie.