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Eddie Lee Sausage, interviewed by Dan Augustine : Interviews with Eddie Lee, Peter Haskett - Shut Up, Little Man!

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Eddie Lee Sausage, interviewed by Dan Augustine — from HOOFSIP, Winter 1994

eddie lee
Eddie Lee Sausage
in a recent photo

HOOFSIP: How long did you live next door to Raymond and Peter, and when you moved out, were they still living there?
Sausage: Mitchell and I lived next door, or I should say attempted to "live" next door to Pete and Ray for about nineteen months. We moved out to pursue other pleasures in other cities, but Pete and Ray carried on living there for about two years after our departure.
HOOFSIP: I know Raymond died, but do you have any idea what Peter and Tony are doing?
Sausage: About seven months after Raymond died, Peter and Tony had a horrendous fight. It seems that Tony pulled a naked Peter out of bed, beat the shit out of him, literally trying to kick his head in. Tony then deposited the beat, broken, and still naked Peter out on the veranda that we used to share. The cops eventually arrived, drove a badly mangled Peter to the hospital for an extended stay, and took Tony to the "stoney lonesome." Tony was charged with aggravated assault, and because he has an extensive police record, is now doing time in Vacaville Mental Health Prison, the current residence of one Charles Manson. Peter has persevered and is now living in the Tenderloin, a definite step toward the sewer. When Mitchell and I met up with him last August he was shit-faced in the middle of the afternoon, weaving all over the streets. Mush.
HOOFSIP: Do you know what Raymond and Peter’s preferred brand of beer was?
Sausage: Bud for Tony. Peter was on the vodka, having graduated from gin. Ray drank anything, but I did once catch him at Walgreen’s stumbling around with two 40-ouncers of Mickey’s Malt Liquor. It was a suspenseful moment, actually, watching him attempt to wrestle control of the two bottles while locomoting toward the check-out counter. Just before he got there, sure enough, he dropped one and it burst all over the floor. He looked up and said emphatically, "Was not my fault! Was not my fault!" And then real quietly, he looked down at his shoes and the puddle of glass and beer and said, "Well. . . maybe it was."
HOOFSIP: Do you get any royalties from the play in New York, and is it going to be running in any other states?
Sausage: No we received no royalties from the play in New York. The little man who did the play milked us for information for months and months. I even helped him by sending images of the Pepto-Bismol palace and Pete and Ray and writing something for the program, and he didn’t reciprocate. I don’t expect much, but the guy turned out to be such a fascist asshole, calling me and claiming that he was going to sue me! The play also premiered in Los Angeles in August 1993.
HOOFSIP: What’s the latest on the movie?

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