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Eddie Lee Sausage, interviewed by Fish Taco Magazine — Spring/Summer 2003, conducted by Señor Stinky

Fish Taco: Did you ever make it into the lair of Pete and Ray? . . .when I listen to the tapes, I get the sense that they lived in a shit-hole. . . I think I remember something about holes in the wall.
Eddie Lee: I did make it in their one time. Their place was pretty hideous. It was a dark interior, with abandoned plates of old food, strewn Budweiser cans, places where the walls had been bashed in by flailing bodies.
Fish Taco: Peter was always bitching about those 'cool dinners' he would make going to waste, any idea what those dinners where?
Eddie Lee: I think Peter liked to make dainty light little salads on those hot summer days.
Fish Taco: Who was Tony? . . . I take it he was Peter's lover. What was Tony like. . . he sounded like a fucking retard.
Eddie Lee: Tony was really scary. He was a drifter. I would say a couch-surfer, but I think Tony would surf anything - floors, abandoned cars, outhouses. He would show up periodically and crash at Pete and Ray's, work some manual labor gig, drink like a motherfucker, smack up Raymond, then move on. I once got into a verbal altercation with him in front of the place. He went psychotic on me almost instantly and spit right in my face. I didn't wash for days. Just kidding. It was a really raw interaction and after he spit in my face, I threw a half-full bottle of beer at him and just missed his head. Probably a good thing. Then, I ran. . . fast! It turns out that he had been in prison previously for beating women. Later, of course, he beat Peter so bad that he once again was thrown in prison.
Fish Taco: Didn't he beat the piss out of Ray a few times?
Eddie Lee: Yeah. He proudly proclaims on the New Zealand interview. “I beat his ass. I beat his ass more than once and put him in the hospital.” Like he was proud of it. I am thinking to myself, if I knew that I was being interviewed for a public for radio broadcast, I might consider not bragging about beating people and putting them in the hospital 'more than once.'
Fish Taco: Was anybody in their house employed. . . Where'd the money come from?
Eddie Lee: Neither Pete nor Ray worked. Unless boozing is a profession and I am not aware of it. If it is, these guys would be getting the high-paying true professional pedigree jobs. Peter told us that he received VFW checks and had a pension of some kind from an advertising gig he had (when he was capable). Ray was 'on welfare' as Peter often chided him.
Fish Taco: What did the other tenants think?
Eddie Lee: Well, most of the tenants at the old Pepto Palace had their own issues. There was a crazy child-beater mother, a crackhead who used to base up in the garage all the time, and a young male prostitute. So, when the cops showed up, nobody was rushing out to display that they were upstanding model citizens outraged by these two old drunken hooligans.
Fish Taco: In the tapes Peter mentions the “stony lonesome” . . . was that the jail?
Eddie Lee: Yes, that was Peters name for the jailhouse.
Fish Taco: Where you Ardell? . . . or the 'Nova Express Times'?
Eddie Lee: Mitch was Ardell on the tapes, and I did the Nova Express routine.

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