Shut Up, Little Man!

Peter “Lady” Haskett : Interviews with Eddie Lee, Peter Haskett - Shut Up, Little Man!

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Peter “Lady” Haskett — at the Owl Tree Tavern in the Tenderloin (Aug. 1993)

Mitch: We used to live next door to you on Steiner Street.
Eddie: One night Ray threatened me. He said: ’I was a killer before you were born, I’ll be a killer when you’re dead.’
Peter: Uh, wait a minute. Raymond would never say a thing like that.
Mitch: Well, he did.
Eddie: He did. And, so I made a tape of it in case I ever had to prove it to the cops or something.
Peter: Are you sure it wasn’t Tony.
Mitch: No, it wasn’t.
Eddie: It was Ray. [Pause. Peter is shaking his head no.] Well, I made this tape of you and Ray fighting with one another.
Peter: Now, wait. There was a woman named Susan who came around my place saying something about . . . do you know Susan?
Mitch: No.
Peter: Well, who is Susan?
Mitch: I don’t know who Susan is. Anyway, so Ed made this tape in self-defense, and we made copies of the tape for a friend of ours who took it to New York.
Peter: You lived in what apartment.
Eddie: In number 4. When [landlord] Howard Jow was there.
Peter: Oh, he is an idiot.
Eddie: Why did you leave Steiner Street?
Peter: Uh, Tony Netwon and I had a fight. Tony is a sick man, boys. You see, he has been in trouble for violence before. [Pause] And, he and Ray always fought. Tony Newton was the cause of Raymond’s death. Now, Ray and I never fought. That’s why I am having a hard time understanding why you came to see me. [Mitch and Eddie look at each other growing frustrated and a little confused.]
Peter: You guys are telling me some kind of crazy story. What I want to know is why Peter Haskett is the new Marilyn Monroe!
Mitch: Well, Peter. Ed made a tape of you and Ray fighting. We did it in self-defense. Then, the tape we made was duplicated beyond our control. . .
Peter: I understand your story. What I want to know is what you want. Why am I the new Marilyn Monroe! [We all laugh.]
Peter: Tony was the one who threw Ray to the floor. Tony has been in prison in California before. He, uh, had been in prison also in Nevada.
Mitch: Why were you guys fighting?
Peter: I have no idea. Tony tried to kill Ray. Ray got sick because Tony was always kicking him. He had trouble with his stomach and that was because from Tony. [Pause] There was no reason for it all. I sleep in the raw. [deliberately:] This is not a sex thing. I woke up and I was being kicked by a steel boot. I was being punched in the chest. There are pictures at Davies Medical Center. He did things to Ray too. They finally arrested Tony.
Peter: Now, I don’t understand what you guys are talking about. I was going to get a new address this week. Why do you want my address?
Mitch: To clarify a few things for you.
Peter: Let’s clarify this then.
Mitch: We wanted you to understand that we never wanted to exploit you or Ray. This whole thing was unintentional.
Eddie: We made the tape and then gave a tape to a friend who made a tape for a friend who made a tape for a friend and so on.

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