Shut Up, Little Man!

Eddie Lee Sausage, interviewed by Seymour Glass : Interviews with Eddie Lee, Peter Haskett - Shut Up, Little Man!

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Eddie Lee Sausage, interviewed by Seymour Glass — for Bananafish, March 1992

Bananafish: At one point on the tape, the police show up.
Eddie: The police came about once every two weeks. Ray and Pete were legendary with the SFPD.
Bananafish: How severely did they beat each other?
Eddie: At one point, Peter almost killed Ray. He was in the hospital for a long time.
Bananafish: I hate to sound like a broken record, but by what method?
Eddie: One Christmas Eve we could hear them bickering in their typical fashion. Then something struck the metal railing on the balcony. It was reverberating, you know, rrrrroonnngggg. Then I heard a thud. Pete had thrown Ray off the balcony. Dropped 15 feet down onto the cement. The paramedics came.
Bananafish: Who’s the stronger of the two?
Eddie: Initially it seemed like Ray was, but later Pete came on strong and seemed like the better bet.
Bananafish: How do you account for that?
Eddie: A friend of mine called them a while ago with some Veteran’s Administration routine. He was trying to get Ray to meet him down on Market Street to counsel him. That’s when Ray said he’s got cancer and couldn’t meet him. Kind of gives the whole thing a dark tone.
Bananafish: Did you ever hear them having fun together, like sharing a laugh or listening to music?
Eddie: Never [that I remember]. One time they were watching television, Angela Landsbury reruns, and Pete said, "I’m trying to watch Angela Landsbury, shut up , little man." But it was kind of a playful thing. The Wheel of Fortune came on. It was after Pat Sajak had left, and Ray started talking about how he’s read that the replacement for Pat Sajak, some talking head, was a fuckin’ queer. He went into his "I despise all queers" routine again. At the same time there were stories in the tabloids about Merv Griffin’s gay lover and Ray was going on and on about that too.
Bananafish: What kind of food do they eat?
Eddie: I watched Ray through the window one night. He was smashed, hovering sailor-legged over the stove, cooking up some corned beef hash. He had a streamer of saliva about a foot long hanging off his lower lip as he was cooking.
Bananafish: Think it might have been intentional?
Eddie: I doubt it. These guys were operating on the most basic and animal functioning level. They knew they were being taped, but overall, I don’t think they’re aware of much of anything, frankly. One Thanksgiving Day, I took them a couple of 40-ouncers. Ray opened the door and had puked all over himself sometime prior. The vomit had dried on this flannel shirt that he wore all the time and never washed. Big dried chunks of corned beef hash.
Bananafish: Do you remember any details about their apartment?
Eddie: They had a human skull in the window. There’s also a six-foot stuffed bunny rabbit sitting on the couch that Ray hugs while he watches television.
Bananafish: I’m starting to feel weird.
Eddie: Another issue I’ve struggled with its invasion of privacy. My privacy was certainly infringed upon repeatedly.
Bananafish: You have to wonder how much right to privacy a person who’s screaming at the top of the lungs expects.
Eddie: They knew a lot of people could hear what they were saying. One of Ray’s threats on my life was delivered through the wall. "You know that skinny little cocksucker next door that thinks he’s tough? I’ll kill him. Come to my door right now! Any of you queers in the building who think you’re tough come to my door. I’ll kill all of you." On and on and on. Once, they became aware and acknowledged the taping. I felt justified.
Bananafish: They were undaunted by the mic?
Eddie: Not at all. It encouraged them.

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