Shut Up, Little Man!

Thanks and toasts 1988-1998

steiner street art by mcmurry and flinn

Many little men and women have made this entire enterprise possible, and to them we say thank you very much and tip our 4 liter jug of wine. First of all, many thanks to that dynamic duo Peter (1928-1996) and Raymond (1931-1992), together forever. Very special thanks goes out to Seymour Glass, Johan Kugelberg, Charles Schneider, Thinking Fellers Union, Poopshovel, RM Johnson, decent human bein' and arteest extraordinaire M. Flinn, Matt Rosenberger, The Wegman Company, Greg McClatchy Film, Duane Dell'Amico, Muhammed O'Looney, Nancy Lee, Dan Clowes, Paul Musso, Michael Shanahan, C. Flinn, Tim Redman, Montana Swisher, Dame Darcy, Ivan Brunetti, Rich McMurry, Kim Thompson (Fantagraphics), Ilse Thompson (Confounded Books), Juliette Torrez (Last Gasp), Mike and Drew and all the other drunks at WRIF in Detroit, the Spud Bros. in Boise, ID, Stephanie Crocker (Versa) for her patience in the web design process, and all those other evangelists who spread the gospel of Peter and Raymond.

Another round of applause 2008

We live in an era of maximized hyperbole and inflated language raving about the revolutionary greatness of every kind of product, event, and cultural manifestation. We get a little numb. But, I assure you that the amplified praise you are about to read here, ladies and gentlemen, is downright accurate and righteously justified! I want to thank three people forthrightly, all of whom I encountered through Shut Up Little Man. I consider these folks not only friends, but also people who have fundamentally inspired me as a creative person and a fellow decent human bein'. Firstly, and for the fortieth fuckin' time, I wish to thank Seymour Glass who is one of the principle forces behind Bananafish magazine out of the Bay Area. Seymour is an astonishing writer and editor with a truly original voice that is part poetic flourish and part sheer disjunctive dadaism. Reading Seymour's stuff – whether it is an extended feature or a paragraph-long CD review — is like eating fistfuls of petroleum jelly with a spoon made of antler. It's that good. I have gotten more rupturous joy reading (and decoding) Seymour's writing than almost any other writer I have read in my life. Secondly, I want to thank M. Flinn – a soulful and truly great being with a heart the size of a fuckin' stadium. M. is a visual artist truly possessed by a startling inventive genius, jagged psychedelic flourishes, and whatever that slop is that is foaming up in his drinking mug. M.'s friendship, advice, and creative support has been immeasurable. It is an honor to know such a splendid visual artist. (You can check his utter greatness at And, finally, I want to thank Rich McMurry who tirelessly supported me throughout the development of the Complete Recordings and in his humble, always respectful, and enthusiastic manner. Even when I deserved a wicked lancing, Rich handled me like a balanced matador – with steadfast grace and unction. He also gave me the inspiration to hobble forth until the towering task of releasing the Complete Recordings was accomplished. Rich has had an ability to dream into the mindstream of Peter and Raymond like no other, and has had the power to transform their relentless screaming, bitter fighting, and hideous shit into gold — like some kind of inspired artistic Midas, dripping inventive comics at every turn. (Check out Rich’s design studio at Enough with the words! Gentlemen, we not only raise all four liters of wine to you, but we gulp them down with an eagerness not known on this planet since the passing of Raymond Huffmann. Thank you, dear friends, and STOP STEALING MY VODKA!

Proceeds note: For many years a percentage of all Shut Up Little Man profits has been donated to the Lambert House in Seattle. Lambert House is “a safe house for Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning youth (ages 22 and under) that encourages empowerment through the development of leadership, social and life skills.&rdquo In other words, a place that aims to prevent future Peters and Raymonds.