Shut Up, Little Man!

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Shut Up Little Man Merchandise: "Best of" CD

Shut Up Little Man “Best Of” CD

CD art

This disc features 36 tracks and 72 minutes of the most caustic dialogue and vitriolic abuse that you have ever had the pleasure of hearing. This “Best Of” collection features many of the classic and most beloved Peter and Raymond one-liners, as culled from over 15 hours of raw original recordings and chosen by the men who originally made the recordings, Eddie Lee and Mitchell D. The CD features extensive liner notes by Eddie Lee, an expanded eight-page full color booklet featuring photographs of Raymond and Peter, and several spirited comic illustrations of the two booze-swilling bastards by M. Flinn. The Shut Up Little Man CD itself features disc art by the great graphic artist Daniel Clowes (of Ghost World, Hate, and Eightball).