Shut Up, Little Man!

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Shut Up Little Man Merchandise: The Comic Book

comic book cover

The Shut Up Little Man comic book features stories, fairy tales, and actual anecdotes of living next door and interacting with Raymond and Peter as written by their next door neighbor and 'skinny cocksucker' Eddie Lee. Our favorite sick fucker comic artist, Ivan Brunetti (of Fantagraphics' Schizo infamy) illustrates Eddie Lee's Thanksgiving day adventure when Eddie drank some liquid courage and visited Ray with two forty ouncers of Bud in an attempt to make some peace, only to be horrified by the interior of Pete and Ray's apartment. The inimitable Dame Darcy (of Fantagraphics' Meat Cake) envisions the Pete and Ray saga as a wistful fairy tale, so appropriate to her whimsical magical realist style. Rich McMurry illustrates a crude three-hour boozefest that took place between Peter, Eddie Lee, and Mitchell D in a nasty Tenderloin dive, wherein Peter obsessed about giving Eddie Lee and Mitchell blowjobs. M. Flinn applies his graphic genius to three different tales: the day Ray wobbled down to Walgreen's to get some more fuckin' booze at Walgreen’s and got his picture taken, the night that Pete and Ray passed out with a pizza in the oven and nearly burnt down the Pepto Palace, and “The Afterlife,” a fanciful tale of how increasingly infernal Hell became with the arrival of both Peter and Raymond. The comic is printed with a full-color glossy cover and on high quality stock. This is no cheap newsprint shit!

Some examples: