Shut Up, Little Man!

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Shut Up Little Man Merchandise: Complete Recordings

Complete 7-CD Set (released 2008)

full set

The long-awaited, much-requested Complete Recordings of Shut Up Little Man are now available in CD format in seven separate volumes. The original recordings have been carefully edited and sound engineered for higher fidelity and clarity, so that every moment of audio savagery and drunken hilarity of Peter and Raymond has been preserved and represented. Unlike the short snippets on the popular “Best Of” CD, the new Complete Recordings feature mostly unexpurgated dialogues, enabling the listener to get a truer sense of the putrid flow of an evening with the infamous duo – the absurd barbs back and forth, the snowballing aggression, and the booze-laden verbal and physical exchanges. Each volume of the Complete Recordings is different and jammed with 74 minutes of Pete & Ray rants with disturbing and humorous one-liners not found on the ”Best Of“ CD. Every volume also includes liner notes and unique illustrations inside and out by either Richard McMurry, Daniel Clowes, Ivan Brunetti, M. Flinn, or Johnny Hicks.

CD 1

Volume 1: I Can Kill You From a Sitting Position Summary: Ray is drunker than usual, completely sauced. Peter is inflamed and taunting Ray with a series of feminine names: Julie, Alice, Sally, etc. Ray wants to call the cops, and Peter encourages him to do so. Ray drunkenly mumbles his way through a 911 call. Peter claims he is ready to fight, but insists that the fighting be done honestly. Tony arrives, fed up and furious with all the hollering going on; he issues violent threats and slaps Peter around. Peter blows up about the mail and about cooking spices. Ray considers moving out and Peter encourages him to "do it or don't."

CD 2

Volume 2: I Was a Mean Motherfucker in My Time Summary: Eddie Lee attempts to bring Thanksgiving cheer to Raymond. Ray declines and gets pissed off at Eddie Lee, drawing forth a flood of mumbled curses after Eddie Lee leaves. Mitchell D. (as Ardell) calls and riles Raymond. Peter appears and a fight ensues regarding the rent. Ray has a bowl of fuckin’ soup, taunts Peter, and delivers a soliloquy about hating Peter, hating queers, and loving dogs. Ray fixes himself a sandwich. Eddie Lee (as a Nova Express correspondent) calls and surveys Ray on alcoholism.

CD 3

Volume 3: You Think Your Mother and Father Were a Couple of Boys? Summary: Ray angrily mumbles to himself until Peter pipes up. Tony and Peter amiably discuss food, hunger, weight gain, television. Ray watches some Jeopardy. Ray raises hell over his missing tools and threatens anyone who touches his shit. Ray rants about how much he hates queers, "all queers." Ray giggles infectiously. Peter and Raymond repeatedly scream at one other to stop screaming. An inflamed and drunken Peter returns from the jailhouse, demands that Ray find his keys, billfold and money, and unleashes an endless stream of "Shut Up Little Man."

CD 4

Volume 4: A Night in the Stony Lonesome Summary: Peter and Raymond fight until Ray goes out for smokes. Peter bitches to Tony about a host of complaints regarding Ray: Ray drank the wine and the vodka, Ray ruined the evening's dining experience, and Ray called the cops and put Peter in the jailhouse in his bathrobe. Pete and Ray fight about Walgreens hours of operation. The police arrive and yell at Peter and Raymond. The cops leave and then return once more to haul Peter away yet again. Peter returns in a drunken frothy rage, accusing Raymond of stealing his keys, billfold, and money. Pete and Ray hash out the history of their meeting at the low-rent Spalding building. Peter body-slams Raymond to the ground.

CD 5

Volume 5: I Don't Like All This Cuteness Summary: Ardell calls Raymond looking for Tony. Peter argues with Ray, claiming that the call from Ardell was Tony. Tony appears and a harmonious domestic scene unfolds. Tony shares the doings of his workday with Peter and Ray over more beers. Peter and Ray fight over cleaning the bedroom, cleaning the bathroom, cooking dinner, playing records, and paying the rent. Eddie Lee lays into Pete and Ray for their endless fighting at 4 AM. Ray drunkenly raves about Peter touching and stealing his shit. An audible fistfight erupts. Ray prepares to go to the hospital.

CD 6

Volume 6: Stop Stealing My Vodka! Summary: Peter calls the SFPD complaining to the cops that they let Raymond go. Ray froths on about wanting to kill queers, all queers, and not wanting to watch queer shit on television. An audible fistfight ensues. Peter taunts Raymond by calling him "lady," "she," "girl," and "sister." Peter badgers Ray about cutting his toenails and about being friendless. A drunken and feverishly angry Peter returns from jail and eggs Ray on to call the police on him again. Ray calls the cops and Peter gets on the phone-line to argue with them. The Police arrive again. They leave. The cops return yet again and try a little couple's therapy on Peter and Ray; they leave. Finally, frustrated by the repeat calls and visitations, a new set of cops return once more and issue several exasperated one-liners: "Quit drinking and go to bed!"

CD 7

Volume 7: The Peter and Tony Interview Summary: This interview features Peter and Tony (Pete and Ray's transient roommate) and was conducted by Robert Southon, a brave and inspired young man, for New Zealand Radio Station BFM. The exchange took place at the Pepto Palace not long after Raymond Huffmann, the little man, had passed from the dive bar of this Earth and gained entry into the big tavern in the sky. The interview proves to be at least as funny, disturbing, and provocative as the original recordings. Highlights: Peter maps out Raymond's biography in a mocking manner ("he was a deputy sheriff carrying a gun at the age of 14"). Tony fondly and proudly reminisces about beating Ray and putting him into the hospital ("I beat his ass more than once!"). Peter discusses his life as an advertising executive. The interviewer points out some "wounds on the wall" where Peter and Raymond had damaged the building while fighting. Peter tells the interviewer to drink up, so they can all re-enact the drunken violence of the Raymond area: "Come on. We gotta get drunk, so we can do it again!"