Shut Up, Little Man!

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Shut Up Little Man Merchandise: T-Shirt

Shut Up Little Man T-shirt (new - 2008)

art on new T-shirt

The official Shut Up Little Man T-Shirt features Peter and Raymond squaring off for fisticuffs and bellowing away at one another amidst their battered and booze-splattered apartment. Peter is yelling one of his most memorable lines: “I want you to stop stealing my vodka!” and Raymond is responding with his classic: “If you want to talk to me, then shut your f@*kin’ mouth!” Also present on the T-Shirt are real-life details, like the human skull that sat menacingly in their front window and Raymond’s beloved 6-foot stuffed bunny (aka “The Girl”). The comic image was lovingly rendered by maestro Richard McMurry. The T-Shirts are printed on high quality heavy duty pre-shrunk white T-shirts, and are available in the following sizes: Medium, Large, or Xtra Large. Guaranteed to get someone to buy you a drink!

(To see the art in more detail, look here.)